Look around you. How much plastic do you see? The newer concern is how much plastic surrounding us that is too small for you to see. Plastic is a problem that humans created through one main chemical, polystyrene. As a world, according to the BBC in February of 2020, we have produced 80 trillion tons of all different types of plastics over the years. According to that same estimate, about 50 trillion tons of plastic are still out there in the world. Micro to macro forms can be found in our water, air, on every continent, and in our bodies.

You might be thinking… what can I do as an individual to repurpose plastic waste into new objects? This question drove me, a ninth grader new to the Seattle Waldorf community, to start a plastic film recycling program. I started a partnership between Safeway/Albertsons and Seattle Waldorf High School to make plastic film recycling a reality and something all of us can easily do. Please bring your plastic waste to our drop point in the high school lobby!

Follow this link for more information about the plastic film recycling program. And here is a link to learn about how you can recycle plastic film with your family.

–Anton, Grade 9 Student

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