Three Seattle Waldorf School middle school students have been selected to participate in the Washington State Music Educators Association (WMEA) 49th annual conference to be held in Yakima, Washington February 17–20, 2022. We congratulate them for their accomplishments!

KieranJunior All-State Treble Choir, Soprano

Kieran has been singing with the Northwest Boychoir since grade 3. Now in grade 7, Kieran loves how music evokes different emotions in him, depending on the mood of the piece. He enjoys singing in a choir because he enjoys working hard with a group of people to perfect a piece of music. He feels great satisfaction when performing music that his choir has worked hard on together and when executing the piece well. At the WMEA All State program, he is looking forward to meeting new like-minded music-loving people, making new friends, and having the opportunity to make music together.  

KabirJunior All-State Orchestra, Viola

Kabir is in his fourth year playing the viola. Music is his medium of expression for all things in life. He loves to pick up his viola and depending on the day, it can be an hour and a half of really serious practice or on other days, just a piece he composes to express his mood for the day. Kabir shares the following verse he wrote:

Every Musical Performance is lived on a high wire,
Strung over the treetops just below the Clouds.
Don’t expect to feel safe.
Put one slippered foot in front of the other
And balance, arms extended,
For as long as you can.

Roland portrait


RolandJunior All-State Orchestra, Cello

Roland has been interested in music from a very young age. In addition to playing cello, he has written and performed his own songs, plays piano and ukulele, has sung in choir, and acted in musical theater. Roland started learning cello in fourth grade as part of the SWS music program. He has had private lessons and participated in orchestra and chamber music summer camps, and recently joined the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra program. Roland says, “I am looking forward to participating in WMEA All-State this year, especially because I get to participate with two of my classmates and friends with whom I love to make music.”

About the WMEA All-State Program

Considered the top program of its kind across the nation, WMEA All-State develops middle school and high school musicians and school music programs. The program supports school music ensembles, WMEA members, and members’ students.

Students in middle school bands, choir, and orchestras audition for an All-State spot in September. Judges listen to the students’ audio recording, evaluating them on their overall musicianship and technique. In November, the WMEA All-State Committee chooses the students, based on scores, to attend the prestigious annual conference event. 

Students attend a one-day camp in February where they meet their guest conductor and attend long hours of rehearsals and sectionals. Although the major focus during the day is developing advanced technique and making music, a full schedule of social activities gives the students an opportunity to relax and develop new friendships. The final concert is the result of great dedication and commitment by some of the most talented young musicians in Washington state.

Top image: Kabir (left) and Kieran (right)

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