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Founded in 1980, Seattle Waldorf School offers an enriching Waldorf education to children from 18 months up to grade 8. Located on three campuses, all within easy reach of urban forests and waterways, we support students on a joyful journey that cultivates imagination, healthy social and emotional development, reverence for the natural world, and a deep love of learning. At Seattle Waldorf School we invite students to view each subject through multiple lenses: language, history, artistic expression, and scientific observation, and then apply the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving that make Waldorf graduates shine at college and university.


Daily we strive to inspire learning, courage,

and joy in the developing human being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Seattle Waldorf School we are committed to creating a community that is inclusive for all students, families, faculty, staff, especially those who have been impacted by racism and oppression, and to create a culture that supports racial equity by changing our existing systems and practices. As a community, we connect and collaborate through training and events that focus on deepening our shared awareness, knowledge, language, and skills in working with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The SWS Board of Trustees is committed to integrating the work of the DEI committees into ongoing strategic and financial planning for SWS.

Our Values

● We are an educational community working out of cooperation and mutual respect.
● We are guided by the educational philosophy and understanding of the developing human being articulated by Rudolf Steiner.
● We believe artistic activity is essential to the education of the human being.
● We cultivate wonder and curiosity through engagement with the natural world.
● We celebrate the innate reverence and joy of an unhurried and naturally developing childhood.
● We actively engage the striving adolescent in order to promote the unfolding of the free and confident adult.


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MISSION  Daily we strive to inspire learning, courage, and joy in the developing human being.

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