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Every Parent/Guardian Is a Member

The SWS Community Association works to create a vibrant caregiver community through the sponsorship of social events, education programs, coordination of volunteer support, and service—as well as supporting the educational program and operations of the School by increasing parent/guardian awareness of and interest in the school.

Community Association Priorities for 2023-24

The Community Association (CA) priorities this year are grounded in renewing our community and prioritizing connections. Volunteers will work to re-invigorate our festival life at SWS, support our teacher appreciation work, galvanize new volunteer efforts, and bring our community together. The Class Reps are an integral part of the CA work, supporting teachers and families alike. Feel free to email Lea Werbel if you would like to be involved in helping to plan Teacher Appreciation Week.

Festival Support

In normal years, festivals bring our community together around a seasonal theme, giving us a chance to meet one another and celebrate with food and special events. Support from the Community Association is at the heart of our festival life and unites students, parents, and teachers in the joy of human connection. Our autumn Michaelmas and Harvest festivals, Winter Faire, and Spring Parade and May Faire events are just a few opportunities to bring time and talent to enrich our community. We look forward to resuming our festival life in the future!

Committee Work

Community Association committees connect our school with the broader community, whether we’re planting trees or gathering food for those experiencing homelessness. They also strive to make our own community stronger: our Parent and Faculty Equity Committee actively supports the SWS commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. And our Inspire committee and Community Fund representatives assist with fundraising campaigns that are critical to the health of our school.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher dedicate themselves to creating and delivering engaging lessons to our children, continually adapting to student needs and to challenging circumstances such as COVID-19. In December and June, parents/guardians organize Teacher Appreciation events for each class that might include  voluntary contributions to a teacher gift, a classroom need, or a cause the teacher supports. Our teachers are renewed by these gifts of gratitude and bring that energy right back into the classroom.


  • Parent & Faculty Equity
  • Fundraising
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Environmental Outreach
  • Service


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