Early Childhood

Imagination at Play

Wonder, reverence, and joy are at the heart of our early childhood program.  A young child’s day is grounded in exploration, play, and building social connections with teachers and friends.

Puddle Jumpers

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Puddle Jumpers is a supportive community for caregivers and young children who are walking to age 3 led by a Waldorf-trained early childhood teacher. The Puddle Jumpers program is similar in rhythm to our preschool with ample opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, songs, stories, and a shared snack.  Class time is centered around the observation of children, and families have the opportunity to join in the community through caregiver evenings.

Our early childhood curriculum emphasizes learning through work and play, as well as honoring the seasons. Based in Waldorf pedagogy, our program fosters imagination, movement, and appreciation for nature with rhythm and simplicity. Students are given a foundation of strong academics and social-emotional success. With freedom to explore and engage with the environment around them and a nurturing community, students develop a lifelong love of learning.

   Central Capacities

    • Nurturing healthy growth of cognitive, social, and physical development
    • Natural science observation through the seasons and outdoor play
    • Social-emotional learning and development of self-agency through cooperative work, problem solving and inclusivity
    • Literacy and Numeracy through activities and play
    • Development of imagination and artistic expression with simple mediums



Stories, songs, games, and puppet shows lay the foundation for literacy and numeracy. Yarn work and sanding support fine motor skills to prepare them for writing. Walking and jumping rope support the development of gross motor skills. Celebrating seasonal changes lays the foundation for scientific inquiry.


Children are immersed in beauty and creativity, from our intentionally designed learning spaces to crafts with natural elements like beeswax, wool, plant materials, and watercolors. Friends sing, dance, and play act their own stories together.


Rain or shine, students are in nature every day. They climb trees, watch wildlife, dig trenches, and stomp in puddles. On daily walks, they develop a sense of direction and adventure. Seasonal celebrations are also held outside—a candle-lit lantern walk in fall, a colorful parade in spring.


Safe places to climb, jump, swing, tumble, and roll strengthen young bodies, develop coordination, teach navigation through space shared with others, and support brain development. Longer walks with the class build endurance, stamina, and teamwork.