High School

Self-Expression in Action

Our students see possibility instead of limits, solve problems with empathy and creativity, and possess a compass of inner strength. They are ready to make a difference!

High School at SWS

Our integrated curriculum empowers students to make meaningful connections beyond subject boundaries and dig deeper into today’s pressing questions.

We prepare students for life by fostering adaptability, ingenuity, and creativity. Grounded in the classics, our academic courses expose students to the great ideas of humankind, the events that shaped civilizations, the beauty of mathematics, the power of the arts, and the phenomena of the scientific world.

With small class sizes, supportive peers, and teachers who know and respect each individual, students can feel comfortable to take risks, find their voice, and follow their passions. Dedicated advisers and class sponsors guide and support students and families through the four-year journey.

Students are actively engaged in their education — and their lives. Whatever they want to build, explore, or express, we’re here to help make it happen. SWS offers clubs such as Student Council, DEI Club, Spirit Club, Service Club, Film Club, Yearbook Club, and Robotics. Athletics include basketball, volleyball, running and conditioning, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Seattle Waldorf graduates are distinguished by their curiosity, intellectual flexibility, and advanced capacity for synthesizing ideas. They attend a broad range of schools, from small liberal arts colleges to large state universities and everything in between.

Students grapple with life’s deepest questions while:

  • Practicing decision-making and collaboration through competitive team sports.
  • Contributing to the greater good through community service projects.
  • Researching a chosen topic in depth with a mentor for a year and presenting it to the community as a capstone senior project.
  • Preparing for life after high school, supported by our college and career counseling services.

A day in the life of the high school student:

  • Deep study of a core subject in morning lesson.
  • Outdoor and environmental education, including adventure and service trips.
  • Teachers who know each student’s strengths, abilities, and temperament.
  • A close-knit community and healthy, supportive, safe school environment.
  • Leadership opportunities, lunchtime clubs, and extracurricular activities, and sports.

Central Capacities

    • Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
    • Self-Advocacy and Self-Awareness of Needs
    • Synthesizing Ideas and Perspectives into Clear Verbal/Written Communication
    • Textual Analysis and Social Awareness
    • Understanding, Analysis, and Construction of Arguments
    • Independent Inquiry and Research


From Botany to Thermodynamics, from History Through Art to Mechanics, our rich array of rigorous courses builds curiosity, compassion, emotional maturity, and confidence. Our entire campus is a maker’s space, whether to form a farm share business or script and film a documentary.


Fine arts includes drawing, printmaking, and painting. In practical arts students weave, build instruments, and carve stone. In theater arts they practice improvisation, visual and written story-telling, and dramatic performance. Music includes world drumming, instrumental and vocal ensemble, and orchestra.


Our exceptional campus is set within 350 acres of waterfront parkland. Twice-yearly outdoor wilderness and service trips provide a potent environment for social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Students carry all they need and develop confidence in their ability to collaborate, manage resources, and make a difference.


High school students stay active through games, sports, and dancing in P.E. and Spatial Dynamics, or through the expressive, mindful movement of Eurythmy. They can also choose from a mix of after-school sports including volleyball, running club, basketball, and a nationally recognized Ultimate Frisbee program.

“Love Rocks” High School Climbing Program