Middle Grades

Introspection and Responsibility

Middle school students are learning to think for themselves, accept more responsibility, and be accountable for their choices. We recognize and celebrate the changes taking place in a middle schooler’s mind and body, and give them the space they need to inquire, express, and come into their own.

With understanding and care for the changing body and mind in middle school, students are given ample space to ask questions, express themselves, and discover who they are. Students are given more independence and the opportunity to activate their own powers of thinking by interacting with a wider variety of teachers. With higher levels of responsibility and accountability, students take the wealth of knowledge they’ve been building in grade school and apply it to research projects and reports, quizzes and tests and a culminating grade 8 project.

They are encouraged to pursue their interests through electives and after-school sports. More structured and specialized morning lesson blocks become a key touchstone for students, and they continue to grow and hone their skills and capacities in preparation for high school. The entire campus is cell-phone free, and students enjoy two longer recesses during the day, where they socialize and play sports or games outdoors.

Central Capacities

    • Development of critical thinking and powers of observation
    • Social emotional awareness and self-care/self-advocacy
    • Digital citizenship and literacy
    • Research and academic writing skills
    • Increased opportunity for public speaking and performing
    • Increased emphasis on personal responsibility and executive functioning skills


Courses like Business Math and Modern History offer opportunities to analyze and observe, debate, and draw conclusions. Students work independently and in groups, developing self-discipline and exploring interdependence. Middle school years culminate with a year-long study of a chosen topic which is presented to the community.


Art is part of every class, whether a detailed drawing in a lab notebook, a perspective drawing, or a dramatic performance of a historical character. Woodwork and sewing support project planning, three-dimensional thinking, creativity, and patience. String orchestra and choir immerse students in different musical styles and help them learn to perform with confidence.


Students play and work on our wooded campus, cultivating a love of the outdoors and a solid understanding of their place in it. Gardening, biodynamic farming, and camping reinforce classroom learning and teach environmental stewardship, along with practical outdoor and wilderness skills.


Athletic games teach focus and teamwork, while Eurythmy and dance teach social interaction and grace. In grades 7 and 8, students compete in a regional track meet with other Waldorf schools. Fall cross country, spring Ultimate Frisbee, and additional basketball and volleyball teams offer a variety of options to move and build skills.